En Abierto. ADM 2016

With the name ‘En Abierto’, Hilando el Tiempo presents a very open collection inspired by a woman of today, active and who likes to be beautiful, comfortable, and as usual, getting inspired in the fiber itself, this time cotton, diferents types of wool and viscose.

Designs that translate into versatile pieces for any occasion. Diverse textures are used, from the vaporous to the more dense. There is also a wide range of colors, ranging from the nuanced to the intense, and from the mates to the bright.

I have kisses to weave, loves to weave, moments to weave… for this reason I collect the real important things in a skein, because there is nothing worse than wasted time, because while weaving TIME is not wasted… that’s why I am weaving kisses, loves, moments… THAT’S WHY I AM WEAVING TIME.