HandmadeW17. SIQ 2017.

“Handmade W17” shows the particular form of Hilando el Tiempo to dress a woman for an event or special occasion.

There are 10 designs, in which the fiber used has been crucial. Mercerized cotton has given them a texture and possibilities of working in volumes, asymmetry and playing with shapes.

It has also given them play with color and sobriety. There are proposals for the day with bright and vivid tones and options for the night, with dark-colored garments in which black and stone color.

I have kisses to weave, loves to weave, moments to weave… for this reason I collect the real important things in a skein, because there is nothing worse than wasted time, because while weaving TIME is not wasted… that’s why I am weaving kisses, loves, moments… THAT’S WHY I AM WEAVING TIME.