ReUse 20.15. ADM 2015.

The name of the collection is ‘ReUse 20.15’ and the inspiration comes from choosing the fiber itself: recycled cotton.

Hilando el Tiempo has opted for a wide range of colors and geometric shapes that give life to practical and versatile designs full of femininity, comfort and naturalness, our “leit motiv”. The pieces are completed by designs handmade using the recycled cotton and cotton rope.

Collaboration of the firm Nove’9, with its shopping bags.


I have kisses to weave, loves to weave, moments to weave… for this reason I collect the real important things in a skein, because there is nothing worse than wasted time, because while weaving TIME is not wasted… that’s why I am weaving kisses, loves, moments… THAT’S WHY I AM WEAVING TIME.