ADM 2014 Collection

The collection is divided into two parts. On the one hand, 100% bulky wool which results in vaporous clothes, curved lines, comfort and sensuality. On the other hand, silks, cottons, alpacas, fibers of great delicacy that inspire clothes which mix straight lines with very elaborate elements, backs to the air, transparencies and wide sleeves. As a transition between the two, the use of all the fibers used is mixed in one piece.

While the gray and gourd colours predominant in the first part, are the grays and lilacs that prevail in the second part of the collection, maintaining perfectly the autumnal atmosphere that impregnates the pieces designed by Hilando el Tiempo.

I have kisses to weave, loves to weave, moments to weave… for this reason I collect the real important things in a skein, because there is nothing worse than wasted time, because while weaving TIME is not wasted… that’s why I am weaving kisses, loves, moments… THAT’S WHY I AM WEAVING TIME.